Het Zuidelijk Toneel creates theatre. Artistic director Piet Menu and a diverse group of theater makers from the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) have built an open, engaging and multifaceted theater company. The best makers under one roof. Het Zuidelijk Toneel and its makers are bound by an inherent drive to enter into dialogue with the audience. Challenging, evocative. Our work takes place in the real world, and the real world is part of our art making process. Our central theme: connection to The Other and how we see ourselves within that reflection. Het Zuidelijk Toneel has been based in Tilburg since 2010. Het Zuidelijk Toneel is a national theatre company with a focus on the Brabant Region of the Netherlands.


A philosophical, absurdist wordless composition all about words The average adult has a vocabulary of 40,000 words. These words enable us to express ourselves, communicate and give meaning to things. At the same time, words are often limiting or even confusing.

Mr. Ferris

An original adventure for the entire family in an 18-metre-high Ferris wheel. Get on board, spin along with Mr. Ferris and look around you as if you were seeing the world for the first time.