Het Zuidelijk Toneel creates theatre. Artistic director Piet Menu and a diverse group of theater makers from the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium) have built an open, engaging and multifaceted theater company. The best makers under one roof. Het Zuidelijk Toneel and its makers are bound by an inherent drive to enter into dialogue with the audience. Challenging, evocative. Our work takes place in the real world, and the real world is part of our art making process. Our central theme: connection to The Other and how we see ourselves within that reflection. Het Zuidelijk Toneel has been based in Tilburg since 2010. Het Zuidelijk Toneel is a national theatre company with a focus on the Brabant Region of the Netherlands.

Mr. Ferris

An original adventure for the entire family in an 18-metre-high Ferris wheel. Get on board, spin along with Mr. Ferris and look around you as if you were seeing the world for the first time.


After her solo performances ONE. and ALL., Lisa Verbelen will form a duo in TWO. with celebrated jazz musician Hendrik Lasure.

A Fun Evening Out 8+

Plenty of things go well, but unfortunately life is also full of obstacles. Things can fall apart at times. And not always at the right time. There are pets that are sick. There is news that scares you. And then you have those trousers that are uncomfortable, friends who are irritating and those days that are simply horrible. In this musical, misfortune, sadness, anger, embarrassment, jealousy and loneliness all get their own spectacular show number. The actors dance and sing as if their life depends on it. But unfortunately, not everyone can join in. Something is also brewing on the sideline. It's not easy to explain what exactly. It's all a bit hazy. But what's going on? Is someone trying to sneakily steal the show? Stop that thief! Een leuk avondje uit (A Fun Evening Out) is the new family show by Theater Artemis, hetpaleis and Het Zuidelijk Toneel. Two years ago, these companies joined forces for 'Het eind van het begin van het einde'(The End of the Beginning of the End). With that show, we just about succeeded in rescuing the imagination from its downfall. We cannot cope with all that uncertainty and confusion a second time. That is why we are pulling out all the stops with 'Een leuk avondje uit'.

A Masterpiece

In the performance A Masterpiece, Dennis Vanderbroeck tries to make a masterpiece. Based on performances by his heroes, ranging from Yves Klein and Bruce Nauman to Tina Turner, Dennis attempts to find his genius through theirs. The voice of his father, 61 years and with Alzheimer's disease, is his instruction manual. His father's process of progressive forgetfulness is like a race against the clock. A race to not being forgotten as a person. Dennis and his father narrate the instructions and re-enactments of his heroes. A father who is trying to help his son by making his own masterpiece. A dialogue about art, memories and their disappearance. 'A Masterpiece' is an exercise in letting go, growing up an getting older. A performance that teaches us how art can save our life and vice versa.

Shut Up and Play with Me

Playing, everyone can do it, but few people actually do. Do we still recognize the potential for play? Is it a proof of maturity to suppress our need to play or because there is not a penny to be made from it? What if we take off the brakes and plunge into selfless play?